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5. How long does the appraisal process typically take?

Although there are often exceptions to the rule, if the appraiser does not experience any difficulties (for example, limited sales in your area), our appraisers average a two (2) to three (3) day turn around time after the day of inspection for standard appraisal reports.

The majority of the work actually starts after the appraiser leaves your home. In fact, our appraisers do not even have a clear value in their mind when they leave your home because they have not completed a fair comparison to the other homes in your neighborhood yet.

Please note, it is our policy not to discuss value at time of inspection.

Upon leaving your home the appraiser will view sales from your area. If there is limited sales data, the process may take longer because of the complexity of finding appropriate similar homes to use in the report.

After viewing all of the above data, the appraiser will then type up the report and submit it to the Quality Control Department, which reviews the work, then the report is sent to the Processing Department and from there the completed report is sent via requested delivery method.



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I Apppraise